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You are almost ready to choose your wedding photographer in French Riviera, but you still have a few essential questions in mind? Based on the most frequently asked questions that the bride and groom ask me about my approach to wedding photography in Cote d'Azur, here is a list of answers that will certainly help you to choose your French Riviera wedding photographer with confidence!


How many images do you deliver for a wedding?

Each marriage being different, it is difficult for us to give a precise answer. However, you can estimate that for a classic wedding we deliver between 450 and 800 photos.

Do you deliver all the wedding pictures taken on the wedding day?

No. We only deliver the best wedding images taken. We eliminate all those who may not be pleasant to the subject or who do not meet our requirements, through a very rigorous selection process.  This selection process is an integral part of what defines our creative style and it is something we take very seriously.

Do you edit all the wedding photos?

Yes. All the wedding photos delivered are retouched one by one by myself. The retouching I do includes color correction, cropping, exposure and contrast adjustment, small cosmetic retouching plus our secret little touch that gives your photos the "Studio mely | photography" style!

Can you deliver images in high resolution?

Exactly! They are delivered as standard with any album order or as an option in addition. We provide you with high quality images no matter what happens.

Do we own the photos?

No. Under copyright law, we retain ownership of the images of which we are the authors. On the other hand, with wedding packages, you receive the HD files of your report and you have the flexibility to print them later if you wish. You can also view and share them as much as you like in a private and personal setting.

Can we post our wedding pictures on social networks?

Of course. We even appreciate very much that you do it;) We simply ask you to remember to mention us when you do so that your friends and family can find us if they wish.

Can we print our own wedding pictures?

Absolutely! You can do it without any problem. Just be aware that "cheap" online labs for printing your images are generally not calibrated to represent true colors, which can cause colors to drop drastically when printed.  In order to obtain accurate colors and photos that will not fade or deteriorate over time, we recommend that you print your images through our professional printing laboratory.  It is very easy and accessible directly in your online gallery.

Can we edit our own wedding pictures?

No. We invest a lot of time and effort in the retouching process and this is an important part of what defines our identity as a wedding photographer. That's why we want you to let us do it.

What equipment do you use? 

We mainly use full-format Pentax equipment and pro lenses to ensure the best possible image quality. We also come with professional lighting equipment to deal with all possible situations.

Do you offer wedding albums?

Of course. Beautiful and luxury tailor-made wedding albums are available as additional copies for parents, additional options and customizations.

What are the payment terms?

In order to make things easier for our customers, we propose a three-step payment: the first payment is made on the day the contract is signed, the second payment will take place "halfway" between the signing of the contract and the wedding day and the last payment must be paid at the latest 15 days before the wedding day.
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