How to optimize the planning of your wedding day?

The day of your wedding is fast approaching and you feel the pressure rising? You don't want to miss out on this special day and you also want to make the most of it? Here are some important tips from my experience as a French Riviera wedding photographer.

My tips as a wedding photographer in Cote d'Azur for a perfect day, without stress or worry

Take care of the preparations

Take into account all these little moments that can add up during your preparations: do you have gifts to open? Have you planned a special time with your loved one? Does your dress or suit require an army of assistants for you to get in?  Planning time carefully for each of these little moments will save you a lot of serenity, believe me! And serenity is the royal way to access happiness!

Beware of family photos

If you are not careful, family and group photos during the wedding can be a time black hole that can quickly turn into a nightmare. To avoid this, be sure to provide your wedding photographer with a precise list detailing the groups with whom you want to be photographed... and in what order! Reminding everyone, on the eve of the wedding, where to be and when not to leave the photo area until the wedding photographer has finished could save your mental health and save you a lot of sweat!


Skip the greetings

Unless you have chosen to have a wedding in a small group, welcoming and greeting all your guests, one by one when they arrive at the cocktail party will take you an infinite amount of time. Instead, plan to wait for the cocktail to mingle with your guests. You will have a full opportunity to greet everyone without taking up any more time.

Think of transport

Providing a minibus or public transit for inter-site travel is not a bad idea. If you prefer the traditional car convoy, be sure to provide drivers with the different meeting places and times in advance.

Trust the wedding professionals

Once you have chosen the providers who will be at your side on this wonderful day, let them do it! Trying to micro-manage all aspects of your wedding will not bring you anything (except stress and anxiety) and most importantly will prevent you from enjoying this day to the full.

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