Perfect pictures for your wedding in Nice ?

How can you be sure to get the perfect photos for your wedding in French Riviera?

Making your wedding photos in French Riviera a success is an important issue for you. You want to be sure that your French Riviera wedding photographer will be able to capture the most beautiful emotions of the day, but you hesitate to choose him? As a professional wedding photographer in Cote d'Azur, I give you here 8 tips that will help you optimize the choice of your wedding photographer on the French Riviera.


Meet the photographer

If I had to give you only one piece of advice, it would be this: take the time to meet in person the photographer(s) who might be of interest to you. On the one hand, it allows him to introduce you to his work and his way of working, on the other hand, it also allows you to see if the feeling passes and if he really cares about the success of your day.

Not talking about money

At least not right away. We'll get to that, don't worry. But you are not buying a price, you are first and foremost looking for a trusted human service provider to whom you will entrust the memory of one of the most important days of your life. First take the time to see what it can offer you.

Create the connection

Be sure to choose a french wedding photographer with whom you will be able to create a strong connection. Since you will spend a lot of time together, before and during your marriage, it is important that you have "chemistry".

Trust us

Once you have chosen your wedding photographer in Cote d'Azur, trust him/her completely. Nothing frees a wedding photographer's creativity more than knowing that his brides and grooms have complete confidence in him.

Planning your day

If you want great photos, you need to allow enough time to take them. Feel free to consult your wedding photographer regularly to find out how much time is needed for each stage of your wedding.

Loving the style

Each wedding photographer in Cote d'Azur has his own style. Familiarize yourself with your photographer's shooting and post-processing style and be sure it suits you. Consider that it will be the signature of your images.

Enjoying it

Have a good time. Laugh. Cry. Both invent dance steps on the floor. Be close to your family. Live your day to the fullest. Sincere, natural and emotionally charged photos are often the most beautiful.


Rely on the photographer's expertise

Have confidence in your french wedding photographer's way of seeing things. The way he takes pictures may seem unusual at first, but (normally) your wedding photographer knows what he is doing. Just keep in mind that he has a different vision from yours... and that's why you hired him;)

Be careful with fashion

What is fashionable today will no longer be fashionable tomorrow. In photography, too, trends are constantly evolving and changing. Photos that are too trendy can age badly. Don't forget that the pictures of your wedding will last for generations. A little classicism is not necessarily a bad thing.

Let your emotions speak for themselves

The majority of wedding photographers are obsessive people. They only dream of one thing: to capture sincere and intense emotions. So let your emotions speak for themselves, snuggle up in each other's arms, kiss each other and tell each other how happy you are to unite your two lives.

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